Cane Ipe Rose wood la Tenace


Walking stick and defense Ipe Rose wood la Tenace

Nichiken Yamabushi exclusive: a single copy 1/1.

Unique, new and smashing!

Handmade in Québec according to our high standards of quality and aesthetics, this cane walking and personal protection will follow you everywhere, faithful and discreet.

The pommel is secured to the cane securely via a bonded metal anchor to increase strength.

Why go out unprotected in an increasingly hostile world? We offer basic protection that can support you everywhere, whether in the subway, bus, city streets or forest.

Maintenance: Rub with beeswax as needed.


Weight: 1 pound 9 ounces
Length: 35 inches 1/4
Wood: Ipe body, Rose wood pommel

Cane Ipe Rose wood la Tenace
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Brands: Nichiken Yamabushi

Made in Fitch Bay by Nichiken Yamabushi. for special order.

Materials: Wood

Made from wood


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