Information on inventory


Two situations are possible for items in our catalog.

1-In stock: then you can buy directly.

2-Check Availability: This occurs when the item is either in order or  out of stock at the supplier.

NOTE: Many items are so popular with our customers, that they never appear in stock and are always booked in advance.


If an item you are interested in our catalog, and inventory is at zero, you can either:

A -Request that we send you an email when the item is in stock.

B -Reserve this product by clicking the button: Reserve this item.


To reserv an item, we require a deposit of 75% and you will be able to pay this amount either using Canada-Post Money Order/ Certified check or Paypal/Usual Credit Cards.The desired item will not be order before receiving that amount. The balance of the invoice will be payable when we will be able to send your item.
Otherwise, you lose your deposit without compensasions.




Ordering an item absent from our catalogue.


We are distributors of the majority of international quality weapons.
We are also distributors of the majority of manufacturers of quality knives and blades.
If an item is not offered in our catalogue on this site,
contact us and we will do our best to obtain it for you.