Payment methods

All these modes are available when you decide to pay your cart.

A- Online secure payment (Regular credit cards) or Paypal
If you choose to pay this way,  it is not automatic.
We will send you,  as soon as possible,    (that may take 24 hours)
a bill payable on PayPal secure web site. You do not need to be a member of Paypal to pay by Visa or MasterCard.

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We will send your order as soon as possible after confirmation of payment.


system will send you a payment request within 24 hours once your order is placed. You will have to move quickly to the payment (within 24 hours), otherwise the system will send a payment reminder. If after this payment is not made, a third request will be sent stating that you have 24 hours to pay. After that, the system will cancel your order and close your account-able against piracy. You will have to subscribe again and repeat an order if you wish. If you wish to cancel an order, BEFORE PAYMENT please email us and tell us. Any cancellation after the payment will be refunded as a credit to the armory and not reimbursed in cash or via PayPal.


B- Prepaid order via Canada Post money order or Certified check
If you choose to prepay an order, you must send us a Canada Post money order or a certified check (no personal checks) in the name of:  Armurerie Nichiken Yamabushi. In this case, you must go to your local post office, and request a money order for the amount that was indicated on the estimate you received by e-mail, or go to the bank to get the certified check. As soon as we receive the payment, we will promptly send your package.