Black Ronin Tactical Wakizashi


Black Ronin Wakizashi Tactical: Ready for outings in inhospitable surroundings!

United Cutlery's Wakizashi Black Combat Ronin Tan Short Sword has a modern, elegant and tactical look.

Totally functional and very well honed, he is waiting for you!

The rogue Samurai warriors (Ronin) would have definitely added this exceptional wakizashi to their battle dress.

It features a sharp 17-inch stainless steel blade with high precision.

Its handle is in synthetic spandex is wrapped in an elegant beige nylon cord.

A rugged, injection molded case with a nylon belt buckle is included.

If you're looking for a lightweight sword that's easy to carry and handle, the Black Ronin Combat Wakizashi is what you're looking for!


Blade: 17 inches
Total length: 27 inches
Blade steel: 420 stonewashed stainless steel
Case: Molded and riveted plastic.
Twisted 12-foot parachute rope bag for emergency use.

Forged in China
Black Ronin Tactical Wakizashi
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Brands: United Cutlery Brands

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Materials: Carbon steel

 Forged from high carbon steel


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