Bokken Ipe Nichiken Yamabushi


Bokken Ipe Nichiken Yamabushi: SELECTION and exclusivity

A specific weapon even more robust than the Bokken Ipe that we offer in store.

Wooden bokken Ipe (Brazilian walnut) handcrafted in Quebec. Very rare as a bokken and exclusively made for our armory. A heavier weapon than the Ash Tree Bokken Nichiken Yamabushi and stronger too. A bokken for two-handed operation for most fighters.

Due to its length and density, the handling of this bokken gives a feeling very close to that of the katana. So ideal for developing the musculature, flexibility, skills and reflexes of the saber.

In addition, the Ipe bokken is a formidable weapon and capable of performance. It is the densest bokken on the market, but its balance makes it easy to handle. It is solid and provides surprising striking power. A bokken for long-term work.

In addition, the Ipe requires time because it has a wood grain weaving which makes it very difficult to work and which also makes it very solid. Used especially in America for its great durability to insects and bad weather.

Its resistance and flexibility place this bokken in the range of the strongest wooden bokken on the market. In addition, the beauty of its grain, the fluidity of its lines and the softness of its skin make this formidable weapon a real collector's item ... ready for combat!

The entire surface of the bokken has been treated with pure beeswax.

Maintenance: Rub vigorously with a dry cloth. If necessary add a thin layer of beeswax.

NOTE: Because it is always possible to break this type of bokken with a bad technique or against an inadequate surface, this bokken although it is one of the strongest on the market, is not guaranteed in case of breakage during striking or cutting exercises.


Length: 41 inches
Weight: about 750 grams (about 1 pound 10 ounces)
Sori: approx. 1 inch
Wood: Ipe, Brazilian walnut

Proudly handcrafted in Quebec.
Each bokken is handcrafted by hand.

Bokken Ipe Nichiken Yamabushi
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Brands: Nichiken Yamabushi

Made in Fitch Bay by Nichiken Yamabushi. for special order.

Materials: Wood

Made from wood


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