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Ni Chi Gong Fu Dô: the essence


Now being reprinted.


"The Chi Gong (Qi Gong, Qi Gung)
is a breathing technique which

helps master and increase vital energy

by connecting to it. The Chi Gong is one of the basics of Ni Chi Gong Fu Dô."

Excerpt from: La sixième Roue, of Nichiken Yamabushi.




The Ni Chi Gong Fu Dô develops
the 5 aspects of the human being:




  • physical,
  • emotional,
  • mental
  • spiritual,
  • energy.




"This is to become better. But not better than others, better than myself. And not to be better, but to be myself. This way, fierce competition becomes real cooperation. Confrontation becomes creative: it opens up into an endless prairie open to oneself and others."
Excerpt from: La sixième Roue, of Nichiken Yamabushi.








The training is comprised of


  • handling one or two katana and/or bokken
  • physical and mental exercises,
  • diverse techniques with bare hands and with weapons,
  • discussions and coaching sessions,
  • studies and lectures,
  • zen and/or Daimoku meditation,
  • as well as intense practice of Chi Gong standing
    and the 8 Silks of Gong Fu.




"Technique, strength and rapidity are nothing against strategy. Of course, one must acquire rapidity, strength and technique, but also remember that one day you will be old, or sick, or even diminished by alcohol or a too good meal, or surrounded by several adversaries when you are injured. Thus, strength, rapidity and technique are assets that will weaken. Simply speaking, strength, rapidity and virtuosity are worthless if they are curbed by a stronger, quicker and more virtuosic adversary. Thus, victory is not the domination of the stronger over the weaker, nor the quicker over the slower, nor the more virtuosic over the maladroit: no, weakness, slowness or maladroitness are also vectors of victory if strategy and determination are the supreme commander."
Excerpt from: La sixième Roue, de Nichiken Yamabushi.




As the Ni Chi Gong Fu Dô is not a traditional ryu, that it is not recognized, nor wishes to be, it is a hybrid between Chinese and Japanese martial arts, based as much on the animal art of winning, as the nobility of victory without victory, there is no belt or visible grade in this style. Moreover, I am not a master to venerate, nor a master requiring unconditional respect, nor a master. I do not want a title as a sifu, sensei or shihan. I am not that. I am a wandering swordsman, one without dôjô: Nichiken Yamabushi. The respect one gives the taxi driver suffices me. Think about this and practice assiduously. This is a great sign of respect in my eyes.


The Ni Chi Gong Fu Dô is a style of open martial art which totally rejects any idea of clan, sect, racism and discrimination. On the religious level, the Ni Chi Gong Fu Dô shares the Buddhist values of Nichiren Daishonin and practices the virtues of Daimoku, as well as certain aspects of Zen and many other sects and doctrines, schools or philosophies, useful for self-migration and others. The Ni Chi Gong Fu Dô style is intended to portray humanistic and peaceful values, while developing an art of conquering based on the animal heritage of humanity.




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"The noblest way to conquer for a yamabushi is to not have to use his sword. Mûto: Conquering without the sword. This means, without violence. Conquer without humiliating, mindful not to injure. Conquer without conquering. Re-establish peace. But without backing off from protecting life in the most appropriate way possible.

Excerpt from: La sixième Roue, by Nichiken Yamabushi.


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